How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
In order for citizens to obtain copies of incident police reports, they must come down the Laredo Police Department`s Headquarters building located at 4712 Maher Ave. Accident reports can also be obtained at LPD Headquarters or online. Please visit the Laredo PD website at www.laredopd.com for a direct link to our Accident Report website. There is a fee for reports, whether they are obtained in person or online.

How do I report a crime?
Please report all crimes that are in progress immediately through our 911 service. For non-emergency crimes, please call our Police Communication Center at 956-795-2800. We implore all citizens and visitors to use caution at all times if witnessing a crime and never try to apprehend any potentially dangerous offenders.

How can I contact a specific Division in The Laredo Police Department?
Please visit Laredo PD`s website at www.laredopd.com for a comprehensive list of all of our Division`s phone numbers.

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